Mobieus™ – Protecting Mission Critical Applications through Proactive Monitoring

There is nothing mystical or magical about traditional IT infrastructure and application monitoring. Data is collected, analyzed, interpreted and depending on the findings, action is taken. Generally speaking, every business monitors for three specific reasons:

  1. To ensure their mission critical applications are Available & Accessible.
  2. To ensure their mission critical applications are Fast & Responsive.
  3. To ensure their mission critical applications are not using Excessive Resources.

In today’s ultra-competitive environment, getting ahead of the performance curve is not good enough – you must be able to consistently remain there. This is accomplished through Proactive Monitoring.

The goal of proactive monitoring is to allow for changes to the IT infrastructure and its applications in anticipation of a service disrupting event, to prevent that event from occurring in the first place. For example, allocating more disk space now in anticipation of running out of disk space in 11 days. Simple enough except unfortunately not everything is about disk space. More importantly, the “anticipation” is not a hunch, guess or gut feeling. It’s based on solid analytics that are derived from a repeatable and consistent process. Mobieus Solutions’ monitoring engineers developed the Proactive Monitoring Protocol (Figure 1) while building Mobieus™ to ensure it delivered native proactive capabilities.

Figure 1:

Proactive Monitoring Protocol

The Proactive Monitoring Protocol essentially demonstrates how to “read the future” so you can make better decisions and achieve and maintain Operational Excellence.

  1. You must be able to accurately predict the behavior of all the underlying components – those responsible for your application’s health.
  2. Before you can accurately predict the behavior of all the underlying components, you must be able to properly measure them.
  3. In order to properly measure them, you need an extensible monitoring platform. When configured and operated correctly the monitoring platform will play a crucial role in identifying operational behavior patterns. These patterns are essential in determining what changes must be made in order to proactively manage your mission critical applications.

Important Note: Please note I said “play a crucial role”. The monitoring application cannot do this alone. It’s the monitoring engineers who ultimately determine whether the identified patterns are of value.

Proactive monitoring is not easy. It requires a tremendous amount of effort – which requires dedicated resources committed to figuring out the proper measurements and then sorting through the data and identifying the correct patterns and finally translating those patterns into effective monitoring logic. This is why most modern-day monitoring solutions are still mostly reactive.

Infinity Connected™, powered by Microsoft’s System Center Operations Manager, is architected from the ground up to deliver true proactive monitoring. Our professional monitoring engineers are hard at work continually improving and expanding our dynamic health models to ensure our customer’s mission critical applications remain Available, Fast and Efficient.

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